Legendary Masters of Yoga and Martial Arts based their training systems upon something timeless and universal… something certain.

“It’s through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self, and intelligence”.

Iconic Yoga Master, BKS Iyengar, knew how much alignment matters…

and so do we.

ALIGNMENT MATTERS™ Introduces a Cutting-Edge Tool to help You Optimize Proper Alignment of Posture, Stance and Movement –

I’m Your New Foundation for:

  • Triangulating Body Alignment

  • Reducing Risk of Injury

  • Improving Spatial Awareness

  • Expanding Experiential Presence

  • Tracking Key Results Over Time

The Practitioner’s Manifest (included with The Legend) provides detailed instructions and illustrations on how to use the Alignment Sights to target the proper placement of your hands, knees, feet and hips, to more effectively map and align your postures, stances, transitions and movements.

“Our Vision is to Provide Tools for Optimizing Conscious Embodiment.”


Our Vision is based on our Values:

  • We Create Inspiring Environments that are Safe and Secure;

  • We Embrace the Spirit of Competition within the context of Cooperation;

  • We Embrace High IQ (‘Integrity Quotient’) Performance; and

  • We Prefer Teaching over Preaching and Impeaching.

The Legend™ also represents the Product Foundation of ALIGNMENT MATTERS™ and the first of more tools soon to come…

“This is not just another system of thought; it’s a system of perception”. Sterling Wiggers, Co-Founder. 

Make Your Practice Legendary

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